In-Home Primary Care

For older adults who do not have a primary care provider (PCP), or are open to changing their PCP, ConcertoCare offers in-home adult care and orchestrates a range of services to help seniors maintain physical and emotional health and independence at home.

Who We Serve

ConcertoCare offers in-home care to individuals with Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Medicare + Medicaid (Duals) who either do not have an existing primary care provider (PCP) or are open to changing their PCP. ConcertoCare’s physician-led teams of in-home care providers, pharmacists, social workers, health coaches, care managers, and others provide primary care house calls and coordinated support services to help senior patients maintain physical and emotional health and independence at home. 

ConcertoCare currently provides In-Home Primary Care Services in Massachusetts, New York, Washington, and Oregon. Use the Get In Touch page to enroll in our services today.

What We Offer

ConcertoCare’s robust medical care model brings together an orchestra of pharmacists, behavioralists, social workers, and health coaches customized to your care needs. Our geriatric care clinicians and nurse and social work care managers learn what matters most to you and develop a complete care plan. We provide in-home services using both in-person and virtual interactions. This complete approach to your health allows you to have a strong voice in your care plan and stay in charge of your health. 

How It Works

When you enroll in ConcertoCare’s In-Home Primary Care program, you are telling your health plan that you want us to become your PCP, in the same way that you would select any other PCP. As long as your health plan participates with ConcertoCare, there is no change whatsoever to your health plan benefits or network. In other words, you do not pay anything extra to have ConcertoCare as your PCP, and you still have access to all the same specialists and other adult care resources that you did before. 

Some of the key differences between ConcertoCare and a regular PCP are that:

  1. ConcertoCare focuses on providing in-home primary care– in other words, our providers come to you. Many people find this more convenient than travelling into an office. 
  2. ConcertoCare offers a full multidisciplinary team that works closely with each other and with you to support many different aspects of your health. We not only do sick visits, we also focus on things like coordinated care, geriatrics, emotional health, support with medications, and many other services.