CarePartners In-Home Support

For seniors and other adults who already have a primary care doctor, our in-home care teams partner with your current doctor(s) to deliver an added layer of in-home medical support customized to your individual needs. We work with your health insurance plan to provide these services at no additional cost to you.

Who We Serve

The CarePartners in-home support program is designed for adults with Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Medicare + Medicaid (Duals), and Commercial health insurance plans who have an existing primary care provider (PCP) and feel they could benefit from additional support with their healthcare and lifestyle needs. The type of support is customized to your needs and can vary from more intensive support – for example, in-home support with managing chronic conditions that make it hard to leave your home – to lighter-touch support, such as annual in-home check-ups and occasional health coaching to help you stay healthy and on your feet.

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Our teams are made up of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, mental health professionals, community health workers and more. Every person is different. We work closely with you, your family members and caregivers, and your primary and specialist doctors to understand your individual health goals – whatever they may be – and help you succeed in achieving them. For example:


We currently provide our CarePartners in-home support program in Ohio and North Carolina through partnerships with specific health plans. If you are eligible for this program, you will have already received outreach via your existing health plan with instructions on how to enroll. If you have not received outreach and would like more information about our CarePartners programs in Ohio and North Carolina, please use our Get In Touch page.

I don’t have a primary care doctor that I see regularly. Can I still join your program?

Yes! If you live in Ohio or North Carolina and are eligible for our program through your health insurance plan, but don’t have a regular primary care doctor, we can help you find a new primary care doctor when you join our program. Please contact us today to enroll.

What We Offer

Our CarePartners in-home support program is provided in partnership with your health insurance plan and offers you medical care right in your own home – and at no cost to you. When you join the program, you keep your current primary care doctor, specialists, and all of the benefits and services you have already have access to through your health insurance plan. 

CarePartners gives you an extra layer of convenient, personalized in-home medical services meant to support your health and give you more time to focus on the people and things you love. The specific services our teams offer you include:

How It Works

When you enroll in the CarePartners in-home support program, this is what happens next:

  1. We schedule you for your first in-home checkup visit – this is based on your schedule and needs
  2. Before your first in-home visit, we give you a call to confirm your appointment and better understand your living space so that our team can plan in advance and provide the best care possible
  3. During your first in-home visit, you sign a form confirming you’d like to be a part of our program (that’s it – no long questionnaires to fill out) and then we conduct our initial check-up to better understand your health and needs


From there, our teams work with you and your regular doctor to develop a detailed personal Care Plan that lays out what’s needed to manage your health and well-being, in accordance with your goals. This usually has two components:

  1. Regular in-home checkup visits that are based on your healthcare goals and level of need
  2. A wide variety of customized services and supports – this could be anything from “traditional” medical care such as specialist doctor consultations, vaccine scheduling, or help with understanding your medications, to other more lifestyle-oriented supports like fitness recommendations, coaching sessions, or connections to community resources we think you would benefit from. Everything is personalized to you.

As long as you remain a member of the CarePartners in-home support program, you have access to a whole team dedicated to your health and well-being, at all times including regular in-home checkups, urgent visits, 24/7 phone access to our team, and so much more.